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A modern bride attends the Kentucky Derby

Can we all agree that blush pink has been everywhere for the past few wedding seasons? Though a pretty color, I don’t usually gravitate towards pastels in personal color choices and I’m not one to put too much stake in trends. That being said, even more than I love a bold color scheme, I love a challenge. So with my spring styled shoot this year, I decided to put my own spin on the blush pink trend. Allow me to introduce, my muse:

Like many good muses, I found this one on pinterest. And the best part about it is all the jade greens. I’ve been dying to utilize antique jadeite glass for LITERALLY years and I needed an excuse to make it happen. I also needed, however, an excuse to do a modern Kentucky Derby inspired shoot because I love being a bit audacious. It was a design match made in heaven:)

So, off I ventured. As I developed the concept more I was loving how a flapper vibe came through in the fringe tablecloth, lace ruffle detailing on the bride’s top, and throwback jade footed bowls. Our model exuded both sophistication and edge as I imagine any flapper would. A 1920’s woman’s bare leg is the modern bride’s bare midriff.

Enough design talk though. What a frickin’ fun shoot. Thanks so much to ALL those that helped make this possible, including my husband whose video will be posted upon completion.

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